Thursday, November 20, 2014

Life Lessons from the Ring: #2

The first thing you learn in boxing is your fighting stance, which is basically: chin down, hands up, and feet ready to move. The reason a good boxing stance is so important is because it is designed to protect you. Your chin stays tucked to protect the lower half of your jaw. You keep your hands up so you can stop punches aimed at your head. Your elbows rest on your body so you can stop punches to your liver, spleen and kidneys. Your legs stay strong and quick to get you out of the line of attack. Every detail of the boxing stance is intended to be protective to the fighter. 

This idea of protection as a foundation has made me evaluate how I treat the important things in my own life. It has made me adopt a more all-encompassing attitude toward the things I value. For example, when I think about protecting my health, that means more than not eating junk. I protect my health by going to bed on time, by cooking nutritious meals, and by working hard so I don't get depressed. Actually protecting something usually takes an incredible amount of effort I think.

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