Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Why We Fight: Sonya Lamonakis

Photo by Sonya Lamanakis

Weight Division: Heavyweight (175 lbs. or higher)
Amateur Record: 25 Wins, 6 Losses
Amateur Tournaments won:
4 x NYC Golden Gloves Champion
2 x National Golden Gloves Champion
2 x Metro Champion
2 x New England Golden Gloves Champion
Ringside World Champion
2 x Silver Medalist USA Boxing Nationals
Professional Record: 10 Wins, 1 Loss, 2 Draws
Professional Titles:
New York State Heavyweight Champion
IBO World Champion
#1 Ranked Heavyweight in the USA

Official Website of Sonya Lamonakis

Photo by Sonya Lamonakis

Sonya started boxing in 2003; she turned pro in 2010. She has a Masters degree in Elementary Education. Along with being a professional boxer, she is also a school teacher. She lives in New York and fights out of the legendary Gleason's Gym.

What do you love about boxing?
I love the independence, the thrill of victory, the discipline and confidence it has given me.

What is the most challenging thing about boxing?
The most challenging part for me is the division I'm in. Heavyweight, there is not a lot of competition available so sometimes I have to fight the same people.      

Do you ever experience negativity from other people because of your choice to be a boxer? How do you deal with it?
Of course, the world is full of opinions. I deal with it by listening but not letting it take up space in my head. My family, friends and students encourage me. That's all the support I need.

Is there anything that ever gets you discouraged? What keeps you motivated to continue to work hard every day?
Life is about living. I try to persevere in everything I do. Last year I had 4 out of 5 fights fall out. But nothing in life comes easy. So you have to keep working in order for good things to come. You get back from the universe what you put out.

What is the most important life lesson you've learned from boxing?
That boxing is a lot like life. Sometimes in life you will fail, but boxers are not afraid to do it in front of the world.       

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